FRONTECH USB Powered Laptop Cooling Pad with LED Lights (CP-0005, Black)


this item will be delivered on 16,June 2024



bout this item

  • Keep your laptop cool and effective for a longer period with limited battery damage from overheating. This cooling pad has an effective design that keeps your lappy comfortable.
  • Designed to cool your laptop and also give you multiple angles for height adjustment for a better typing and viewing posture.
  • It features multiple air holes for heat to pass through and the cold air to be blasted on the laptop. Comes with a 140mm worth of 2 fans and 70mm of 2 fans that constantly cools your laptops.
  • ABS+PC plastic material that are equipped with four silent fans that quickly displace the heat and bring in more cool air.
  • LED light indicators that give you information about battery and on/off mode.


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